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Anti-tattoo parents

I (25F) was raised in a conservative household but grew up a member of a reform temple, so I’d consider myself reformative (reform + conservative). My parents are very anti-tattoo, citing both biblical and historical reasons for it. I understand and respect their thinking, but at the same time I feel differently about tattoos and will be getting a few. Nothing vulgar or meaningless but no shade to people with these tattoos, they’re just not my style. The ideas I have mean a lot to me and getting them will make me feel more like myself, but I respect my parents.

This being said, I have two things I’d love any thoughts on. Jewish guilt is real, especially about this. I was always taught that tattoos are bad so it’s coming in waves. Anyone know how to unlearn and forgive yourself? I also want to help my parents become even slightly more comfortable with this reality. Advice? (Please don’t try to talk me out of it, I know the halachic perspective so I don’t need any lectures on this)

Thank you!

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