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[Anti-Semitism] [Question] Is there a way to be permanently outcast from Judaism? (serious)

I made this burner account to ask this question. I am considered Jewish by Jewish tradition because my mother is Jewish but from a racial context I would be considered a half breed (Italian and Ashkenazi) Given emerging attitudes in the US and the fact I have basically have no connection to that part of my ancestry I feel it is in my best interest to burn that bridge. The fact is converting to another religion is insufficient as I would still be considered apostate and part of the tribe in that way. I need something that would have me considered permanently outcast. I am not at all familiar with Judaism as I have had basically no exposure to it so I have no idea how this might be accomplished or if it is even possible. In the end I don’t know if it will make a difference but I consider it my best option. Any information is appreciated.

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