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Anti-semitism in NYC

I really don’t know who to talk with about this and it might be crazy to even post it but it’s weighing heavy on my mind. I’ve never really experienced antisemitism in my real life. I’m half Jewish, I’m not religious. But I’ve recently moved back downtown after buying an amazing apartment downtown in soho, I’m super proud of myself and my little family and am loving being back downtown and close to work. I have a doorman that works nights. He’s a great guy, we’ve shared many late night cigarettes and enjoyed some in-depth conversations. He has however, started going a little crazy about his anti Jewish views, explaining to me that my family and I will burn in hell fire and that I am deep down full of evil. I don’t know what to do, I get so angry that I feel I should report him to my coop board but then I feel for him and his own struggles in life. Please can someone knock some sense into me? I feel like I’m drowning inside my own home, the place where I feel the safest. Even the afternoon doorman who had no idea I was Jewish or a Catholic by birth told me he feels so sorry for my child. What do I do?

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