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Anti-Semitism in my comminity

I’m Black/Brown or whatever you want to call it, but I’m a gentleman with darker skin. In the schools I attended and currently attend I’ve noticed a large pattern in the black community with how we treat and speak about Jewish folks. (I say we because I belong to the black community, not because I feel poorly about Jewish people)

Without fail every black/dark skinned student I’ve come into contact with has no trouble saying that Jewish people have had better treatment in the states than the majority of Black folks in America, and I feel like that’s a blatant lie, I think for the most part that shouldn’t even be THE conversation, Kanye speaking on Jews obviously didn’t make it any better.

It seems to me that it is a common belief amongst the black student body and even members of my family that Jews got a handout after WW2 when “black Americans were struggling to find jobs and live a life worth living, unlike the Jews.” I always refute this with evidence of Jews being sent to ghettos along with the black population but that’s almost always put down with Slavery, then when I bring up Jews enslavement the first response I’m given is “How about now? How’re the Jews doing now?”

I’m always dumbfounded. My point of any conversation like that isn’t to say one group suffered more than the other, but to say both groups have suffered immensely and we should stop putting that down. My question after any conversation like that is, Why’re we trying to put other people who have gone through the same experiences but found slight (not even lots) amounts of success down?

It stings even more when I think about how I’m going through the process of becoming a Jew.

How do I refute these claims in an effective way?

Edit: wording

Edit 2: Rather than a blatant lie, I feel like it is a half-truth, because I notice when it’s said it’s coming from a place of misunderstanding.

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