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Anti-Semitism from online friends

I’m a Jew from Israel and have been part of an online friend group (15+ people, mostly composed of Europeans) for a few years now. I didn’t tell many of them where I’m from and only 2 know. I haven’t mentioned anything about the war to them since it started but they’ve been talking in our group chat about how they hope another holocaust starts and another Hitler comes to power, that Hitler fixed Poland’s Jewish minority problem (Many of them are Polish, my grandmother was a Jew in Poland who was put in a labor camp and managed to flee the country after Hitler died…), that after Hitler fixed the problem Jews multiplied again in Poland like bacteria and that they want every Israeli citizen to get nuked or be put in a gulag. They’ve been praising the Polish lawmaker who put out the Hanukkah candles in the Polish parliament calling him the best politician in the world, and even my friend who knows where I’m from was participating in this.
I apologize for the long post, but I really don’t know what to do and I hope it’s not stupid and that I’m not just overreacting. I haven’t talked to them since then and I’m usually not one to mind these things, but they’ve expressed that they aren’t just joking and absolutely mean it. Should I cut contact with them? Funnily enough I also have friends from Syria and Lebanon and even those who don’t know I’m an Israeli have not said anything remotely near that when talking about the war.

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