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Anti semitism at my high school

I have been harassed a lot this year. A particular street in town has a lot of Neo Nazi types and they heckled me. I was then heckled by some communist later the same day because of involvement I have in a club.

That I could handle but one of my friends since middle school became one. He attacked me as well. The thing is I’m a big guy, I work out and I would like to say I’m fit. He was not that, he was very skinny and pale. His punch didn’t physically hurt me as much as it did emotionally. I thought I could save him from the rabbit hole he was going on but at that moment I knew I was wrong.

I got the school involved and they simply separated us even though he punched me and had said flurry of slurs, he got off with a warning. I thought, “geez that sucks but it’s over now, he got what he deserved as his girlfriend broke up with him.”

But it gets worst as he simply started targeting other people. He claimed people who were not Jewish as “individuals with Jewish blood.” He also is racist towards everyone that’s not German or British. As he believes they are true aryans, he formed this opinion through reading Mein Kampf. This is ironic because he is half polish. He also was once an atheist, his atheism was annoying and he was a jerk, now he practices a warped version of Christianity. Do not be mistaken he isn’t Christian I believe he just uses religion as a shield. He cannot quote a single bible passage, he also considers the Old Testament evil and calls himself a Catholic even though he’s basically a gnostic.

He goes around the school, harassed people and paints swastikas on walls. I asked my Christian stepdad who is of Jewish descent, he said, “don’t get involved.” I was awe struck because he use to always say “evil prevails because good men do nothing.” He’s changed, this town has changed. Everything is so weird, it’s degenerate, perverted, and evil. What do I do against such reckless hate? 

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