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Anti semitic family

Hello (this is a throw away acc) i am looking to convert to judaism myself and have been very interested in doing so actively for about a year now, contacting local synagogues and other jewish folks.

I’ve been having a relatively good time of it too, i feel accepted and welcomed and like i am going to the right place, however, my family do not know i am thinking of converting yet due to them all being Italian and thus, very catholic. I was walking with my uncle (who’s pretty much a fill-in dad) and he started talking about the “new world order” and that he doesn’t trust jews, that he’s pretty proudly anti semitic, and that no one can convert even if they wanted to, and that’s why jews “control” everything.

I’m not sure what to do, i haven’t really spoken to him since (a few days), i want to confront him, but am unsure of the best ways to do so, i especially don’t want to let him know i want to convert at the moment, despite him being my family.

does anyone have any advice?

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