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Another post about a teacher and antisemitic content

Another post about a teacher and antisemitic content

Another post about colleagues teaching antisemitic content at school…

I have posted about this kind of situation before and got some helpful advice. This time it’s happening in a classroom I don’t have any connection to by a teacher I am not close with.

Basically, I had a meeting in a teacher’s classroom (not including the teacher). While there, I noticed the posters on the walls displaying student work. There were three types of posters around the room, indicating that multiple small groups of students were all given the same materials to create their work. The photos are attached.

My questions are: 1. Am I right to be upset by this content? I find the handouts provided by the teacher (indicated by the fact that every single poster had the same cut outs on it with different captions) to be quite biased. If the teacher is going to provide materials, shouldn’t they be balanced?

  1. How can I approach this? The teacher in question is the head of the social studies department (I’m in the English department). I’ve had a few interactions with him, but we aren’t close. He is nice enough and would probably be willing to talk to me, but I wonder what I would say.

  2. Does anyone have any recommendations on sources or lines of information I can use when talking to him? What specifically should I say I have an issue with, and how can I support my position? Are there any books or articles I can recommend he read?

Thanks in advance.

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