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another jewish guy into a non-jewish girl…

Hi everyone,

I am a 33yo guy. For the past 5 months i have been seeing this girl (27) who’s not jewish (only her father is, but she doesn’t really care about religion at all).

To give a bit of context, i was raised in a « traditional » sepharadic family, meaning we have a shabbath diner but also watch tv right after that. I go to the synagogue maybe 2x a year for kippur and rosh hashana.

Nevertheless, I am 200% sionist, go to israel multiple times a year and would give my life for that country if asked to.

I have had a pretty chaotic love live so far. Been with a girl for 3 years but she wasn’t jewish, and my parents did not want to meet/approve her at the time, which on top of other relationship issues made us breakup. I resented my parents massively for it at the time. Even pushed me to move from their home and get my own place.

Since then i have had a few short relationships, with both jewish and non jewish girls, but it just didn’t work out. At some point i even considered moving to israel just to be able to go to any bar and meet a girl without having to worry about whether she s jewish or not.

Fast-forward to now, me and this girl have been seeing each other «casually » for 5 months. I had had my eyes on her for a while and we ended up together somehow, via a relative who also knows her. But obviously she s now caught feelings, and I got attached to her too. We get along really well which is very rare for me as i usually like my loneliness and single life more than everything. Problem is i know my parents won’t approve her for sure: not jewish + tattoos + different social background.

Yesterday we had an honest talk and she knows me being jewish is an issue for the future and she thinks i will want to marry a jewish girl. I can’t tell her she’s wrong, as i have experienced first hand that kind of failure before.

But i am just very upset at the situation and this whole « bloodline » thing. Yes i am jewish, yes i love israel, yes i want my kids raised in judaism, but why can’t i chose who i want to love? this whole transmission thing + my parents have litterally destroyed my romantic life. I just don’t have the heart to give up once again for that same stupid reason..:.

any advice appreciated, thank you for reading me 🙏

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