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Another Ashkenaz/Sepharad Q

Are the insertions to the repetition of the Amida during the Yamim Noraim the same for both those who pray nosah Ashkenaz and nosah Sepharad (Hasidic)? I enjoyed my time with one of the local nosah Sepharad minyanim over Rosh HaShana, and am considering going back for Yom Kippur. Since I generally use a Sephardic mahazor or my copy of Siddur HaRambam for most of the service and only turn to the nosah of the minyan for the repetition, I’m considering the Koren Yamim Noraim mahazor so that I can get by with one additional book (it is only available in Ashkenaz, but if the repetition is the same, except for the berakha of honen hada’at or other small things, I should be good).

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