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anonymous money gift of unknown amount, through a middle person, is this a known Judaism practice, or was I just being tested for if a thief?

My boss wanted to give a gift of money to a friend. He is Jewish. I am not. He said his custom was for this to be an unknown amount, given through a middle person, that was me.

He handed me his wallet, and told me to take some cash out, but not tell him how much, put it in envelope and put it through door mail slot of his friend. As I did not tell him how much, that kept the amount unknown.

That would be entire story, until I tell friends, who say he was just testing me, to see if I was a thief. And that all he had to do was count remaining funds in wallet, to know how much I took, and talk to his friend, to find out how much received.

As I was not, and am not a thief, and I never heard anything more on this from boss, that was end of story.

However I am still curious if was legit known Jewish custom, practice, or I was being tested?

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