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Angel gives coded messages through Zohar entries in 2020. Now it’s up to us to decode them.

Greetings! Last April, over the span of a week, an angel dictated coded messages within certain Zohar entries. I’ve never experienced anything like this, and no other messages have been revealed to me since this time. Originally I was told to keep them hidden and off of the internet by the angel, but I’ve been advised to work on getting it decoded in recent days. I’ve decided this may be too difficult for one person to take on alone and to recruit the help of any redditors that have experience with puzzles, bible codes, cryptic messages, etc.

Imgur album of messages

I had an advanced Kabbalah student from r/Kabbalah analyze it when they were first made and he found value within. If you match up various color coded word fragments, they add up to Hebrew words. Another friend who speaks fluent Hebrew told me there were some ‘broken Hebrew’ words in there as well. It appears to be a combination of English and Hebrew words.

If you have any questions I’ll share what I feel comfortable sharing across open channels. Any help would be appreciated! This is very real and not a hoax of any kind… What? You thought 2020 was just all Coronavirus? 😉

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