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An ode, to an unknown friend

Months ago I had a talk with a Chasidic man on this platform. I was, at the time, Christian. I wasn’t only Christian, I had accepted a doctrine that pushed beliefs that I now realize were rooted in hatred. I’m sorry. I spoke to this man and he opened my eyes. I began to study Torah, Talmud, and try to learn all I could/can about HaShem and Jewish history, I’m completely sold. Im all in. I am converting to Judaism and believe with all my heart and soul in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This persons account is deactivated. Idk why but I’d like to post the message I just sent to them. They won’t receive it. But my hope is that some will read it and realize the impact you are capable of having in someone’s life. And if this person should see this, I want them to know how thankful I am for helping me get closer to the Most High and live a fruitful life. Thank you. Here it is::


I guess you’ve been deactivated or banned or something…. Sucks because I have so much to tell you now. I’ve studied almost constantly since our first conversation. I got involved with something called 8 minute Daf (Daf Yomi) and they sent me a free Ketsubos Talmud Bavli. I’ve still been reading the books you recommended. I’ve listened to just about every single Tovia Singer video. I’ve told my parents and friends (loved ones) that I’m converting to Judaism. I study Torah daily and nightly. I listen to about 6 different podcasts on Spotify pertaining to Torah, Jewish history and so forth. I’ve even drawn others to the faith, to abandon their wickedness and turn to HaShem!!

I know you won’t get this message….I hope one day we could meet again on Reddit…I guess the reason I’m writing this is because of the fact that you, a person unknown to me, had such a profound impact on my life…. I sometimes can’t believe it. Baruche HaShem! And May He bless you! Thank you for being hard on me and also for taking the time to reach out and help educate me. I will continue to serve HaShem, and learn and help others to see the light.

Take care

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