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An Inappropriate Job?

Hey, I’ve got a bit of an unusual question for you guys. Can an observant Jew be a solo adult entertainer? What about a Noahide?

My background: my gramma was “jewish”. She wasn’t observant or anything, just refused to feed us certain foods and certain household traditions/decorations, and prayer. I found out that it was only her dad, so it wouldn’t be halachically valid but she lost her family during the war so I never had the heart to tell her. I was part of the Hillel club at my uni, went to an Orthodox synagogue. I’ve considered a proper conversion many-a-time. Even got the snip.

Anyways, I am an adult entertainer of sorts and an erotic author. And I wonder what are the ramifications here? I save more money in one month than two years working at my last job. On one hand, I suspect it’s not permissible for an observant jew, on the other hand it’s literally dragged me out of relative poverty to upper middle class financially and pay back all my debts, which is good. By the way there are literally no synagogues or rabbis where I am now. Zip, nada.

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