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An article and pamphlet about armed Jewish self-defense groups in Eastern Russia, early 1900s (details Anti-Semitic pogroms in Kishineff, 1903 and 1905)

Jack Kant is my grandfather. He is a fascinating man who seems to be everything at once: a passionate revolutionary, a romantic believer in love, a painter, a writer, an actor, a folk dancer, and most of all, a talker. He remembers what he ate in Seattle thirty years ago and knows to the day how old he is. Although he was born in Russia in the 19th century, he is able to live in our modern world of computers and nuclear weapons without appearing to be any more confused than the rest of us.

This book is compiled from an autobiographical account written in 1979. It covers Jack Kant’s life up to the time that he left Russia. With the exception of some alterations in sentence structure and spelling, I have not rewritten or changed it.

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