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An apprentice electrician (maybe?) in charge of lighting infrastructure for Washington D.C.’s Capital Jewish Museum. Is there anything that would be helpful knowing to be respectful of?

The Capital Jewish Museum’s page is here

My site supervisor noticed my love of attention to details and love of circuit boards and wants to convince the foreman to give me the task of planning the layout of all the exhibitions lighting, dimmer sensors, etc etc.

I’m a history majour and spent quite a while studying Christian cathedrals which have a rule that neither side of the church should be identical to the other as it would be not respecting god.

Are there similar ideals in Judaism? Is there symbology that I should avoid?

I love museums and learning. Since this new museum build is attached to the old synagogue I want to give it the respect it deserves, even if no one actively notices the conduit grouping on the ceilings.

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