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ambulance work during Chol Hamoed: how to pack food for the road while observing Pesach obligations

If one performs medical work on Chol Hamoed — how does one best pack food for eating on an ambulance or hospital while observing Pesach obligations (plus the added difficulty of pandemic-related social distancing considerations). The dashboard or cabin of an ambulance is very unlikely to have been kashered free of chametz. I often eat out of a lunchbox placed on my coat on my lap.

As an added difficulty, while we sometimes get access to an EMS lounge in the hospital or ambulance base office, sometimes we just got to eat on the highway en route to a call especially if we’re dizzy, tired and hungry from back to back calls without formal meal breaks but still have to lift heavy patients.

Looking for advice allowing lenient practical adherence allowing for good patient care, being “strict” is not the goal so much more as one is still reminded of Pesach traditions while eating

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