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AMA: I am Elad Nehorai, a former Chabad Hasid BT, now speaking out about extremism both within and outside of the Jewish community

Hi there,

Some of you may know me as the former writer of Pop Chassid, my first blog. I wrote this in the height of my time as a Chabad baal teshuva. You may also know me as the creator of Hevria, a publication and community for out-of-the-box and creative Jews. Or you may know me as one of the founders of Torah Trumps Hate, one of the first Orthodox politically progressive activist organizations in the United States.

It is now 2 or so years since I completely left behind Orthodoxy. I am now writing more and more about the extremism I experienced as a Hasidic BT, but am also expanding my work to focus on antisemitism at large. I am also in the process of re-examining my own Jewish identity. You can follow my journey in my newsletter, and read my latest pieces in places like the Daily Beast and the Forward. And if you want to interact with me, the best place is Twitter.

Looking forward to your questions!

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