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AMA Announcement: Tripping Kosher

Join Chaim W Silverberg from Tripping Kosher for an AMA this Monday January 18th for an AMA. You can check them out on their Facebook as well.

Watch as our kosher-industry veterans spend their time highlighting, documenting and sharing Kosher Americana.


CW Silverberg is passionate about kosher food and dedicates his time to exploring the US and telling the story of the most unique, interesting and innovative kosher restaurants, food trucks and eateries in the country. New episodes of Tripping Kosher go live every week on Sunday and Thursday.

Before putting his face in front of the camera, CW spent ten years behind the scenes in the kosher food business to establish his know-how and understanding of the industry.

CW is a well-liked member of the kosher food community and loves to chat about all things culinary so drop him an email.


Tsvika Tal is a film and television producer and editor with twenty-five years of experience working on productions for the History Channel, A&E, VH1, and Channel 2 Israel as well as independent film productions and documentary films.

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