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AMA Announcement: TorahApp founder Josh Herzberg

Join us on Monday, March 11, at 2:00p Eastern (NYC) for an AMA with Josh Herzberg, the creator of TorahApp! Here is his bio:

I’m Josh Herzberg, creator of TorahApp. I studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion and have a BE and ME in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Cooper Union. I currently work at Google as a Senior Software Engineer and team lead. Torah tech has long been a passion of mine. I started by creating a TorahSummary site and later helped build Sefaria’s first Android app, amongst other projects.

TorahApp started as a personal project. I wanted to be able to binge-listen to shiurim while on my commute to work, but wasn’t able to find an app that did what I was looking for. I therefore created custom podcasts to listen to Torah more easily. I later realized that there also was no app that combined audio shiurim together with a full library of Torah texts. Therefore, I combined a text reader and shiurim into an all-in-one Torah app. After additional work, I released TorahApp with the hope that it will aid people in reading & listening to Torah.

The app combines content from Sefaria, YUTorah, OUTorah/AllDaf, and Torah podcasts. I am constantly working on adding more features and content that creators are willing to share. I recommend all donations go to the content creators (TorahApp doesn’t accept donations).

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