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AMA Announcement: DJ Antithesis (aka Samuel Green)

Join us on Monday, August 16 from 2:00 – 4:00pm Eastern Time (NYC) for an AMA with Israeli music podcaster DJ Antithesis!

I am Samuel Green, aka DJ Antithesis, the creator of the world’s longest-running Israeli-music podcast! I’m the producer and presenter of Kol Cambridge, a radio show / podcast that has been bringing Israeli music to an English-speaking audience since 2005.

The programme was founded as a live show on UK student radio and was also available as a podcast for listeners who couldn’t catch the broadcast. Over the years we’ve hosted many top Israeli artists, drawn listeners from across the globe, and have been nominated for a BBC award. Highlights have included Kol Cambridge, MA (broadcast from MIT student radio) and a live show on my wedding day. The show went professional in 2013 when we moved to TLV1 Radio, evolved into a podcast-only format in 2015 and became fully crowd-funded as of last year.

In addition to the podcast, I make Zionist rap music. I’ve released two EPs, three singles, two music videos and have performed on every continent except Antarctica, most notably to 40 000 people in Trafalgar Square, London and 20 000 people in Sittwe, Myanmar/Burma. I’ve raised several thousand dollars from sales of my music which have been donated to charity.

Music is a passion but not a reliable source of income so I’ve worked for a major American multinational in Switzerland and Israel (I made aliyah through a work transfer in 2010) and then transitioned away from the corporate world in 2012 to study to become a tour guide. I qualified in 2014 and since then have specialised in educational tours for elite university graduate programmes, political tours for leading journalists and politicians and high-end tours for c-suite executives and celebrities from the world of arts and culture. I won numerous awards including the Travel and Hospitality Awards “Tour Company of the Year for Israel” and the Luxury Travel Guide “Tour Guide of the Year for Tel Aviv”. With the advent of the pandemic, I moved back to the world of business and now work for a leading Israeli technology company.

I live in Tel Aviv with my wife and four year old daughter.

You can learn more about me on the websites dedicated to Kol Cambridge, my rap music and my guiding.

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