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Am I wrong for saying that Christians (and churches) that do Pesach Seders are antisemitic?

Christians taking part in their own Pesach Seders seems really wrong to me and antisemitic. I saw a post about someone who is ‘celebrating Passover as the Jews did’ and made a comment in a group chat that I find the practice antisemitic. A Christian friend exploded at me and told me that it’s part of her religious history too, it was their right to do it, she had done it in the past, it’s not antisemitic, and how dare I call her antisemitic. I told her that I called the practice of it antisemitic, not her. And asked her why Pesach is ‘celebrated’ by Christians by not Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, or Simchat Torah? I told her that she didn’t get to tell me what I found to be antisemitic or not. We were both so mad at each other. Am I wrong for finding the practice antisemitic? Am I wrong for being mad that she told me I couldn’t find something antisemitic?

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