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Am I wrong for only wanting to marry other ethnic Jews?

I know this is a pretty controversial header, but I am being honest as possible. My mother is not Jewish (and thus I’m not halachically Jewish) but my father is, and I’m currently undergoing a conservative conversion. The question came up when me and my mom were hanging out the other day, about whether I would only marry other Jews or am I open to marrying a person willing to convert. I was honest with my mom that the majority of kids follow their mother’s faith, that spirituality is inculcated mostly by mothers, and that to be 100% frank, I want my children to have the ethnic component of being Jewish (save me the spiel, we all know 75% ashkenazi and halachically Jewish is a lot more respected than 25% and potentially not halachos). Anyway keeping things simple, I want my kids to have Jewish blood, Jewish culture and religion and to love who they are. I think if I married a convert or another mixed person like myself, my kids wouldn’t have as strong of a background to passing on their faith. Am I racist or overstepping in what I said to my mom? My mother thinks I’m being close minded, but she doesn’t understand how Judaism is a historically persecuted ethnoreligion, and intermarriage is traditionally the deathknell of a Jewish lineage. If I’m wrong or insensitive I apologize.

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