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Am I uncircumcised, Christian, and Jewish?

I get conflicting answers and just wanna know.

My mom is fully 100% ethnically Jewish, and I’ve heard that if your mother is Jewish you are automatically also Jewish no takebacksies

However, my mom converted to Catholicism before I was born and raised me in that faith. Not only that, but I would also consider myself a “true believer” (meaning, I’m not just a practicing Catholic because that’s how I was raised, I actually fully agree with the trinity and that Jesus is Christ and all that). Someone once told me it is impossible to be both Jewish and Christian, like you can be Jewish and an atheist or any other religion but if you’re Christian you’re automatically not Jewish, but this wasn’t any reliable source or a guy with authority on the subject, it was just some guy.

Now, one time I was asked by a rabbi (he was tabling for some Orthodox Jewish organization of some kind, I can’t remember its name) if I was Jewish, and to be nice/make conversation I told him all the above info, that my mom was Jewish but she converted and raised me Catholic, and he got excited and said that I was Jewish but didn’t know it, and before I knew it he had wrapped my arm in black tape and put a little box on my head and lead me in the “Hear O Israel” verse from Deuteronomy in Hebrew. I got my picture taken like that and sent it to my mom (she said it was cool)

But I had a roommate who was Jewish, and he was kinda upset about this (I sent the picture to him too), he was like “you’re NOT Jewish, and I cannot believe you told this rabbi that you WERE Jewish, that’s a special Jewish thing and he had you do it because he THOUGHT you were Jewish, and you’re NOT”

(That was about three years ago, I am no longer in contact with the Rabbi or my old roommate)

I am also not circumcised, and I’ve heard that again it’s an automatic process where if you’re uncircumcised you’re not Jewish.

So I’ve got conflicting answers, I hear I’m automatically Jewish and I hear I’m automatically not Jewish, and I don’t know how it evens out.

To be clear, I feel no strong feelings one way or the other (as in, I don’t desperately want to be Jewish and will be sad if you say I’m not, and I don’t desperately want to not be Jewish and be angry if you say I am), I just don’t like that part of my personal identity is unclear and up for debate, I’m sick of reciting beginning of the Malcolm in the Middle theme when someone asks if I’m Jewish

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