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Am I truly wrong for keeping my religious beliefs but accepting and participating in modern science?

(English isn’t my native language)

So I am a theist but I do accept modern science and take part in experiments and such for my studies.

People from both sides keep telling me that basically I can’t have it both sides. I can’t have a slice from both cakes basically.

To keep it short, here are some common examples:

Certain family members keep telling me that I’m a closet atheist for accepting the theory of evolution because the Torah says that mankind and all animals were created as they are now.

Plus the age of the Earth.

While my secular, agnostic and atheist friends keep telling me that I can’t genuinely maintain my belief in an old book and some outright think that I’m just pretending to keep my faith to appease my family.

My parents are with me though—they’re the ones who raised me to be like this—as well as other family members and friends.

What should I do?

Edit: Like three minutes after I posted this, I checked my inbox and a Rabbi answered my question via email yesterday (yeah I missed the notification)—I live in the rural part of a small European country, our Synagogue is like a make shift one so we don’t have a Rabbi to ask them personally. He reassured me that I’m on the right path and not to worry about other people’s uninformed opinions.

Thank you all too.

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