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Am I the only one that has these fears?

Lately I’ve been plagued with so much anxiety about my identity. Over the past 2 years I’ve become so much more Jewish and proud of it, making it very public in almost everything I do. Wearing my Magen David in photos, writing college papers about it, etc. I used to always hide my Jewishness due to hate I experienced as a kid, but I figured that’s just kids and now I could be myself. Recently I realized anti-Semitism is not going away probably ever and I started to have these irrational thoughts and even fear for my life. I’m so scared of the worst happening all the time and I’m starting to wish I could take back every footprint of my Jewishness. I wish I never argued with people on instagram over Israel-Palestine, I wish I never posted photos with my Magen David, and I wish I never submitted college papers talking about my background. I know it’s probably irrational but I guess it’s some sort of trauma I have. Seeing how the world views Jews and Israel online doesn’t help. Does anyone feel the same way? I’m frightened and I want to delete every trace of any Jewishness I’ve expressed publicly. I’d rather keep it to myself and be anonymous.

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