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am i jewish? how do i start practicing?

im not really sure how to start this off but basically i am looking for advice/help on me being jewish?

my maternal grandmother was a persian jew and she married my grandfather, a muslim man in the late 60s in iran. this marriage was extremely frowned upon because my grandfather was not jewish and my grandmother went through hell with her family over it. i guess this along with the rise of antisemitism before the regime change in iran made her decide she didn’t want to raise any of her children jewish. my mother was born in 1977 ( 2 years before the revolution) and so my grandmother chose to not even tell my mother she was jewish until she was a teenager. the majority of my grandmothers family fled iran around the time of the revolution from fear of persecution but she stayed. the new iranian government forced islam onto to everyone through sharia law and school curriculum, so my mother grew up “muslim”. i say “muslim” because she was never really religious beyond the label. nor was her father so islam has never really meant anything to her. my moms childhood was mostly spent in war (against iraq) which left her quite severally traumatized as well as just living under a dictatorship for 20+ years. this has kind of rendered her faithless. she doesn’t like to talk about if she’s jewish or muslim and i don’t pry out of respect. she married my father who was born muslim but he’s never really practiced either. both of them are secular/agnostic and never bothered to raise my sibling and i as anything. growing up i had friends of various different faiths and learnt a lot abt them but i have always, my whole life, felt drawn to judaism. growing up my best friends father who is jewish always told me i have a jewish soul or “once a jew always a jew”. and im pretty sure according to rabbinic laws i am jewish? if so, how do i go about learning more or starting to go to a synagogue? most jews ik went to hebrew school and started all this from childhood. i just don’t know where to start or if i even can? do i have to follow the steps of a convert? do i need proof? what would the process look like?

i apologize for the long probably tmi backstory, i just feel like it’s important to know more context of my situation.

any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated! thanks you!!!

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