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Am I handling this correctly?

I made a post already this week about trying to educate an old friend from high school that was already so far down the anti-Semitism rabbit hole. This was someone who swiped up on my statements about how dangerous I felt like what Kanye was spreading. He started the conversation off with the typical tropes. Fast forward to tonight, I saw something even worse, someone on my feed praising you know who (the biggest anti-Semite of all time)…. I felt the need to call them out. I could not just see that as a Jewish person and feel comfortable to let them believe that their beliefs are not hurtful. I told them how I felt, but it never got better.

This had to have started from the whole recent bs because supposedly anyone who is the enemy of that stupid rapper is the enemy of this sick person. Of course they brought up the conflict as a way to try to excuse what they said, when we all know that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism already. I tried to get them to admit that they were an anti-Semite, which was hard for them. I did educate them in a sense because they admitted they were wrong, like the fact that they thought I was not “Semitic”. I got them to admit they support anti-Semitism, but than they later took it back. This person is so deranged they think that they are Jewish too… at least they said that. I got them to admit that you know who is indeed bad after so long, but the anti-Semitic rhetoric still continued. Claims that Moses even disowned us? Claiming that I would send all my people against them and just straight up gaslighting.

I closed the discourse with the fact that I was proud to stand up to their BS and that they are full of hate and that they will never hear from me again.

I’m not sure if I watched too many Rudy Rochman videos, but am I going about handling anti-Semitism the right way? Am I just supposed to block these people as soon as I see something so disgusting like that? I just feel like HaShem put me hear to spread light and educate ignorant people. Some people are just truly sick. It makes me worried that someone in my close community has these horrible views and has the chutzpa to express them openly on their personal pages. Not only that but they have family members who are very successful in business. Is it my job to make this aware to them? With all of this anti-Semitism in this country and in the local community I grew up in, I think Aliyah may be the only option at this point. I obviously already cut so many anti-Semites out of my life, but I do not want to live in a country where there are just so many.

TL;DR: I always stand up against anti-Semitism and want to know if I am handling it correctly. Am I supposed to report such deranged people? Am I supposed to let their family members know that they are potentially putting business at jeopardy?

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