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Am I culturally or religiously Jewish?

I ask this because I feel that my beliefs and lifestyle can sometimes be a bit contradictory. On one hand, I’m an agnostic atheist (I think God might exist but probably not), I don’t keep Shabbat, I disagree with several different parts of the Torah (I don’t wish to discuss this), and I’m only “kosher-style”, not strictly kosher. On the other hand, I wear plenty of Jewish jewelry, am learning Hebrew (זה כיף מאוד), light Shabbat candles every week and go to Shabbat dinners, go to services semi-often despite not believing anybody is hearing my prayers, and even use my prayer book at home on occasion because it makes me feel more connected to my people and brings me comfort (I’m even counting the Omer this year).

Where is the line drawn between religious and cultural Judaism, and on which side do you think I fall?

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