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Am I considered Jewish?

Hi all! I hope this isn’t an annoying question, I would just appreciate some clarity if anybody is kind enough to answer. I would also like to note that I am not very knowledgeable about all this, but I’m excited to learn.

My maternal grandmother was ethnically Jewish. However, due to the political climate at the time she was born, her parents internalized their identities and raised her as a Christian. Growing up, my mother suspected that my grandmother was Jewish but was always dismissed.

Recently, my mother and me both took ancestry DNA tests and discovered that we are part European Jewish. We did the math and confirmed that this definitely came from my grandmother’s side.

My question is, does this make me Jewish? Obviously I am part Jewish by ethnicity, but would I be considered Jewish culturally speaking? As you probably gathered, I am not practicing and neither is my mother. However, I feel a lot of pride and excitement at the discovery of my heritage and would love to have clarity.

Thank you!

TLDR: My maternal grandmother was ethnically jewish, which was just recently discovered. She didn’t practice Judaism and neither did my mother, but it’s still a part of our ancestry. Does this mean that I am or am not Jewish?

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