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Am I considered Jewish by birth?

So my background is very weird.

My mom came from a non-religious Jewish family (grandfather was agnostic and my grandmother was former orthodox) and was raised as a Conservative Jew. She became a Messianic Jew in the 70s and married an Italian former catholic who became Protestant.

I was raised in a Christian household that also celebrated Jewish tradition. Granted, we didnt go to a Messianic synagogue because either there wasnt one close enough or my parents tried it and didnt like it. So while we celebrated traditions like Passover, Hanukkah, Rosha Shannah, etc, we kinda celebrated it in our own way.

I myself am a Christian, but I have an immense amount of respect for Jewish tradition and still celebrate it with my family.

Now, I’ve heard that if you’re mother is considered Jewish, then her kids are considered Jewish by birth regardless. (I’ve heard it really depends on who you talk to because some Jews don’t count it). Is there any truth to this? If so, is there a proper term for this?

Thank you

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