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Am i being overdramatic or is this low-key anti semitic? // healthcare experience

So… this is interesting. I suffer from anxiety and have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and normal hospitals for heart related issues. I’m not saying it’s anti semitic or anything but i just wanted to share bc i find it weird as hell. Especially the last one.

At the normal hospital i was staying in a nurse asked me what i was and i said i was jewish. She then proceeded to say “jewish? i’ve heard jews are very rich… yeah. it’s true”. I didn’t know what to tell her. I was said sure. Like why even comment on it? I’m sure no one would blink an eye if i said i was something else. Anyways. Another nurse asked the same question and said “jewish??? OMG!! you guys are the chosen people. very good people”.

So this last one is in my opinion kind of anti semitic or just spooky? At the psychiatric unit i went up to the psychiatrist to ask her something. She then said to me “i know you’re jewish, jews like to name their kids “sara”. And then she literally said “don’t worry though, i like jews”. WHAT. First of all i don’t look “stereotypically” jewish. Sure, my last name i guess would give it away somehow but why bring it up? I was just shocked! This happened in two different countries. First one England and the last one Sweden. Crazy.

Has this happened to anyone else where your jewishness has been some kind of “phenomenon” to people? Am i over reacting to say it’s weird?

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