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Am I A Jew

I know there is a “am i a jew?” chart, but it didn’t help me much

My great grandmother (purely matrilineal) was a first generation Christian (both of her parents were Jews who converted when coming to Brazil). I have not been raised in a Jewish community, I’m an atheist, never followed the religion and had no idea about my great grandmother until a few years ago. I already know Reform does not considered me a Jew, neither does Karaite. I wanna know about the conservative and orthodox opinion, as I am not sure what does “if your mother is a Jew” means.

Assuming I am in fact, considered a Jew. Can I even claim that as my heritage, then? I have never cared much about my ancestry, really. But recently i have been feeling this identification with the community, specially with the Sephardic Jews, (Which I am not even sure it’s where I would fit in), i have been studying alot about Jewish history, religion, culture and I love to hear Ladino and Hebrew music.

Thanks in advance for everyone that can answer. Shalom

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