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Am I a Jew if my family tried to become Christians?

hey, im not sure if this is that topical but i’ll ask anyway. i learnt recently that my family (mother’s side) were ashkenazi jews when they moved to where i live now, but they were escaping religious persecution in poland so once they arrived they adopted christianity. i’ve still retained small bits of culture from my mother’s side, but my grandparents have always tried hard to make me a christian. (i’m not though)

am i still considered jewish? i’ve done a lot of research into the religion, and i have a lot more to do still, but i do really resonate with it all. i feel it’s really important to relearn what i’ve lost, but i’m still confused if i would be considered jewish. i understand it changes from different denominations, but i am ethnically jewish, and i’m learning how to be more observant of the practices in my day to day.

please give me any opinions 🙂

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