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Almost got into a Jewish sect and I need opinions.

Shalom chaverim.

Last year I moved away from my city to a small town here in Brazil. Although we have a large number of anussites (converted “once” Jews), there is no Jewish community here where I live.

Looking on the internet for a kin, I met this rabbi in a town near me that took me in. I started studying Hebrew and the Torah with a guy of my age. Knowing that they are all proselits and that Judaism is not one, I took a lot of their teachings and beliefs for granted, once I have my own views.

Last month I was gifted with a book which was wrote by this rabbi and he said that there was the synthesis of their community (after he spent an whole hour difamating the other Jewish community from the city).

The book itself is a mixture of Judaism and other stuff – mainly from our “cross” brothers. He justified many contradictions about the Messiah in a complete freestyle interpretation of the Scriptures, without quoting primary sources. I have my mind made up that if for millenia of persecution and suffering it was denied that the Messiah had came, there must be a very good reason for it. Anyway…

The last chapter of the book is self claimed “kabbalistic”, and it’s a series of reports of dreams and ayhuasca trips (a very strong psychodelic drug used by south American Indians). When I read that, I remembered what Moshe said: “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong”.

Now I need to write a report on the book and submit to the Rabbi, but I’m so sick of it that I’m mentally blocked. Any thoughts?

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