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All of these "am I jewish?" posts have me wondering…

Both my father’s parents are Jewish by birth. My mother’s biological parents were not Jewish, but she was adopted at 4 days old by 2 Jewish (by birth) parents.

I was raised Jewish, but we were not very religious at all. I had a Bar Mitzvah and growing up we celebrated most major holidays. These days the only religious things I do are passover sedars, lighting the Hannukah candles, and most years I’ll do something for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.

I consider myself ethnically and culturally Jewish, but don’t really consider myself religious, though I do like taking part in these traditions in my own causal sort of way.

My Mom was raised Jewish, I’m not sure if she went through any conversion process as an infant though.


To clarify, I’m asking about my own status, not my mother’s.

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