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"All hashkafot welcome" activities for many ages

Thinking the notion that “kosher” activities for formerly estranged families could include what? I will throw out a few ideas. Please feel free to add your own. (Community is one of the lenses through which I see, by default.) I’ll try to come up with a week’s worth of activities.

I do realize that coed isn’t an option, in some sects, and that sucks for single dads with daughters and moms of sons, but maybe single parents could sign up to combine their families for an activity, eliminating yichud, as an obstacle.

Sunday Meal prep for week ahead, grocery shopping, library (anything in public), laundry and ice cream. Pizza, play in park, bikur cholim.

challah bake kugel and cholent chesed projects (best singles activity ever) visit an elder arts and crafts embroidery build your own shtender CPR and first-aid bake cookies for hatzolah offer to help new parents with household chores drive someone to a doctor’s appt. Keep a toddler busy so a parent can shower

Is your kitchen treif? Bring flowers, whole fruit, new plasticware or utensils, napkins or tissues.

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