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AITA For not wanting to buy gifts for in-laws

Hey there,

Let me preface this by saying that I grew up in a household that didn’t really do presents of any sort after the age of around 10.

So here is the meat of it. I (30M) married my wife (29F) about a year ago now and her family does a few things that I find to be peculiar, most of which I’m happy to overlook because different families do things differently and I can respect that.

The one thing however, that I cannot get over, is their gift giving. I personally think the amount of gift giving they do is crazy and that could be another post in another channel. But ill keep it to the jewish related aspect of this, and if you want to chime in on the rest of it feel free.

My spouses parents still give gifts on Hanukkah, but they also expect gifts back, and this is the part I find peculiar. My sibling-in-law, also expects gifts from me and my spouse. They do gift us as well in return. But i just find this to be a very weird situation.

Now my wife and I are fortunate enough to be quite financially set so the truth of the matter is, there isnt anything we really need that would be afforded by a gift from them that we dont already have. They try to keep their gifts under $80/person. This could play a factor but I wanted to paint a clear picture of where I am coming from.

If it is relevant, my family does not do any internal family gifting of any sort of any kind for any occasion, birthdays or otherwise (weddings excluded)

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