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Airbnb/rental accommodation help

Hello I am an Airbnb owner and am looking to make my Airbnb’s more accessible for Orthodox Jews and the Jewish community.

I am hoping to specifically get more information regarding Mikvahs, there are ones in my area but I believe they are only for bathing.

Should I wash all my utensils and wares in a Mikvah? Does this need to happen before each cook or only once? Are the bathing Mikvahs the same as ones you would use for kitchen utensils?

I am not Orthodox Jew myself but have great respect for the religion, I wish my rentals to be more accommodating and want the best direction. Although I myself am a Christian I’d rather be accepting of different practices and if that means changing some things in my rentals I’m willing to do it.

I only bring this up because a renter requested they wash a pot and utensils in the ocean and it got me wondering.

I’m also open to anymore accommodation information, I just want to better understand everyone’s preferences instead of living in ignorance.

Thank you so much!

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