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After turndown by North America, did Jewish refugee ships try to secretly beach and live somewhere uninhabited?

One student brought up Weather Station Kurt (Wetter-Funkgerät Land-26) “So, Kurt just sat there year after year, lifeless and unspotted, until 1977 when something called the Torngat Archaeological Project arrived. Sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and Bryn Mawr College, the project spent two years surveying and gathering data from the Labrador coast.”

“Weather Station Kurt was lost to history until 1977 when archeologists stumbled upon what they thought was an old Canadian weather station. Apart from its mother ships ill fate, the station remained undiscovered long after the war was over. In 1977, a geomorphologist, Peter Johnson, was conducting research near Martin Bay, when he stumbled upon the Kurt weather station.”


Then another student asked — whether after North America rebuffed these refugee ships from Europe like MS St. Louis, these ships stealthily tried to land in the boondocks, where these Jewish refugees can try to survive until Victory in Europe Day?

She reckoned that as nobody found Weather Station Kurt until 1977, these Jewish refugees can eke out life in these boonies until VE day May 8 1945. But she was referring to any land uninhabited on the Labrador Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Carribean Sea — like empty islands on the Canadian, American coasts, Carribean — not just northern Labrador. Survival on these desert islands and uninhabitable regions might have higher chances than Nazi-occupied Europe. Even if Indigenous People stumbled on these Jewish refugees, Indigenous People might not rat the Jews to North American governments.

If these Jewish refugee ships did not attempt these uninhabited regions, why not?

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