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After a year of dating, we broke up because I wasn’t Jewish. I told him I would consider converting – but my family (extended family) not being Jewish was not acceptable.

My ex-boyfriend, who was Jewish expressed to me very early on what Judaism meant to him – and I knew how deeply it went. He expressed that he wanted a Jewish life (when we first got together), and I told him that it was something I would think about. Something I could see myself doing If we were together down the line. (I don’t really align with any religion). We were together for over a year, and throughout the end of the relationship, he started becoming distant and stopped talking about our future etc. I brought it up many times and he assured me that he did not want to break up. We broke up recently, and I found out that he was so conflicted. He said dating someone not Jewish went against everything he was raised with – but he loved me so much. We had a wonderful relationship. That being said, he would not really bring me around his parents. I found out that his parents did not encourage us to be together. My ex told me that he could not handle having half Jewish family either. And he could not handle his kids having half non-Jewish grandparents. the thing is, I know that if he did not love me he would not have even dated me because of how deep his faith was. But it still makes me wonder if there was anything that could have changed. Was this relationship doomed because of the extreme religious demands?

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