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Advice to become more observant, even by a little

So as the text above says I’m looking for some advice on how some of you people here first began to adopt a more observant lifestyle.

Some info on me, I’m a 20 years old man, a university student, and born and raised in Israel before moving to Canada almost a decade ago. Now me and my family are as much Hilonim (Secular) as we can get, with parents being agnostics and siblings being atheists, my brother quite a proud one at that. And for the longest time, I was the same, but for over two years now I have been growing more interested in faith and wanted to try and have it nurtured, but for a while, I did not know how, heck I even considered to converting to Christianity for a while before deciding to drop it.

So now here I am, I have found myself growing really interested in Jewish history, tradition, and theology and am quite interested in becoming more besides just watching online videos about it and the like. The problem is as stated above my family is anything but, and while they are definitely great people whom I deeply cherish, I know that at least in the beginning I won’t be able to have them join me in my endeavors, especially my parents who REALLY religious Jews (Mainly for political reasons back in Israel). This all means that stuff like keeping Shabbat, Kosher, and other stuff like that is at least for the time being out of the question.

But another thing I really want to avoid is to jump in the deep end too quickly so to speak. I read a lot of stories online of people who wanted to become more frum but they did so in such a way that turned them to the worst, who distanced themselves from their families and quite often ended up getting burned out and leaving the frum lifestyle altogether. And considering that for a while I daydreamed of becoming a Ball Teshuva going back to Jerusalem and joining a yeshiva before even knowing if I am even fit for such things, let me realize that if I really want to try, and it’s not just me being dissatisfied with my life at the moment and looking for something different I would need to start really slowly and simply.

So that is where I’m left today, over here curious to hear if any other people faced similar struggles like myself and to hear what you guys did, or plan to do so I could get some inspiration. Thanks to all who took their time to read and I hope to hear from you soon.

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