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Advice/Support on Management Feedback

I need some advice/help/support on an incident that happened at work.

For perspective: I am the only Jew in the store and likely the only person who isn’t either Christian or raised-Christian atheist. I work in a retail pharmacy inside a large store in the Southern US.

I was helping someone in the drive thru and saw an Othala rune on his arm. The pharmacist I was working with quickly took over when I alerted her for me so I didn’t have to help the man.

The next day I saw them, I told the manager about what happened and the fact that the patient had a white supremacist tattoo and I wasn’t comfortable helping him and the other pharmacist took over.

My manager said “Why do you care? You are white. I know it is offensive but doesn’t affect you.”

(This was witnessed by others.)

I just don’t know what to do. I am working on getting out the there, but I do not know if it is worth going above my manager’s head and deal with the uncomfortable work environment. I am already uncomfortable, but I fear the “non-retaliation” will be worse since we are stuck in a small space together.

I discussed this with store management today and was told I need to escalate it…I guess I just need some support in it. Through so many classes and jobs I have been told I am overreacting and while this somewhat feels like Southern Ignorance, it also feels willful and malignant. What would you do?

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