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Advice on Observing Shabbos as a Reform College Student

Hello! As the title states, I’m a reform college student (19yo), I was raised in a Jewish-Christian home (my parents are of different religions and educated us in both) and have gravitated towards Judaism throughout my teenage years and now consider myself solely Jewish. I love Judaism and the lessons that I have learned through my religious practices, but now that I’m in college I find it difficult to keep up with practicing. Shabbat has always been my favorite part of the week, but I’ve started working part time and am almost always scheduled to work a closing shift on Fridays. My class schedule prevents me from working during the week, so Friday-Sunday are my work days and I can’t afford to lose any of those days as my family and I don’t have a whole lot of money. I really miss keeping Shabbat and going to services, it brought so much peace and reflection into my life and afterwards I always felt like I was able to be so much more open and kind with people (and with myself) and grateful towards G-d and the world in general. There’s a Jewish student group on campus that holds services and I go whenever I don’t have work, but I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how to keep the spirit of Shabbat when I can’t keep all of the practices due to my work schedule/financial situation?

Thanks 🙂

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