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Advice on increasing Shabbat observance?

Hey all!

Yesterday I lost my part-time jobs. While this is unfortunate, I’ve been able to come up with enough cash to cover my expenses for the time being, and I’ve decided to make the most of this situation. Now that I will no longer be working on Fridays or Saturdays, I’m much more free to observe Shabbat. I have a list of the general categories of work that are prohibited, and many of them shouldn’t be all too difficult for me to abstain from, especially since I have no real reason to leave the house during Shabbat anymore (what with everything being cancelled and all, and plenty of free time to take care of responsibilities during the rest of the week).

My question is, what are some common aspects of the prohibited categories that people might miss/not understand right off the bat? Any prohibitions that are especially difficult to abide by for someone just starting off? I don’t expect that I’ll be fully Shabbat observant immediately, so are there prohibitions that tend to good to ease with, and add more later? Or is it better to attempt all of them at the start (especially considering I have literally nothing going on and can focus pretty much all of my attention on this). Any advice y’all can offer is helpful!

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