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Advice needed: school assignment says I need to go to church

Requesting advice for dealing with Xtian hegemony in an environment where I need to keep my head down (and keep failing at keeping my head down because gesturing vaguely at self I’m Jewish, lmao). Also some kvetching with the background explanation, sorry y’all.

TL;DR below the background.

Background: currently in school to be American Sign Language interpreter. The people running the program are all older, conservative, yt xtian ladies who hate tattoos, coloured hair, piercings, and anything that shows your personality. On top of having to buy a new wardrobe for these classe where I’m not even an intern yet, I read the syllabus for one of the classes and we have to observe an interpreter in three different settings. The syllabus and the guidelines both say I need to go to a “church” for one of the settings (the other two are community and theatre). The assignment itself only says “religious” setting, but they are only saying “church” outside of where I submit the paper I have to write about what I saw. And they gave a list of churches to attend, but nothing else for any other religion. I’ve not brought it up yet (school only started this week), but I don’t want to go in as angry as I am about it/unprepared for when they are dismissive about my religious rules I follow (they have been in the past for Xmas stuff).

I spent 5 hours online looking for a synagogue that has Deaf members/an ASL interpreter within a 7 hour road trip and nothing. I tried calling one of the synagogues in my area a year ago when i started school because they were listed on a Deaf website as a synagogue that has a terp, but that is no longer accurate. I plan to call JCC tomorrow and ask, but I don’t expect much. And I’ve found nothing for interpreted online stuff. If I can’t get anything from JCC, I’m calling the local Islamic Community Center and asking them if I’m allowed to join for a religious something because I refuse to go to church and I assume they understand. Bonus issue: There is a messy “synagogue” that was suggested by a student, and I told her it’s a church and I’d rather take the F grade.

TL;DR: * My professor/department chair/syllabus requires us to go to a church for an assignment. * There are no synagogues in the whole state of Texas (that I have found so far) that have an ASL interpreter. * This is an American community college, so a lot of funding comes from government. (I’m thinking there is a legal issue here, but I don’t know enough about that) * I need to make sure I don’t piss these people off because they hold my dream career in the palms of their hands (quite literally). * There are already a lot of (ethical, school policy, ADA) complaints against the department chair, and nothing has been done because there is currently nobody to report her to. There are a lot of politics in this department, and one student has basically been blacklisted from being hired because of the things a professor has said to future employers. Why? Because scare tactics and bullying don’t work on her. So. Trying to avoid that.


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