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Advice for a toxic Christian

A few weeks ago I (26M) and my girl friend (24) had my grandparents over to visit our new place since we have just moved in together about a year ago. Before we could go out to eat and enjoy our night my grandfather approached us about issues going on in our family. To make a long story short my mother is very toxic, a narcissist, and is trying to interfere heavily in my relationship with my girl friend. My grandfather claims to be Christian and instantly berated my gf and I for not forgiving my mother and her behavior because that is what Christians do. I am not religious and neither is my gf but she is Jewish and takes part in the culture of Judaism. My grandpa came after her and claimed that since she is Jewish she can never understood forgiveness until she learns Christianity and that Judaism stole from the bible? Mind you this man is 79 and also very narcissistic but what can I say to show him he’s wrong and that not just Christian people believe in forgiveness.

Any advice will do, religious or logical.

Thank you!

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