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Advice for a beginner

Hello, I’m completely new to Judaism, I was raised by my church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I won’t tell my life story, it’ll be too long of a post, but I fell off from believing for the last 10 years and just recently began thinking, I do believe in a God but not Jesus, on the sole purpose of the first commandment “…… shall have no other gods before me” yet we worship Jesus? The other is, I’m having a hard time believing that Jesus, was born from ‘virgin’ Mary, and died on the cross, and was ‘resurrected’. It kinda sounds like a scam to me. And a friend of mine suggested I look into reading the Torah, He taught himself how to read Hebrew, and read the Torah that way, but I don’t have the patience, maybe later on down the line. Anyway I guess my question is, is there a certain version I should begin with?

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