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Adult Brit Milah Question (Conservative)

If the urologist performing the circumcision revision is a practicing Jew from my shul (I had a partial one done as a child that a mohel told me may count from what I described to him, but I’m electing to do it anyway for medical reasons), could the urologist recite the blessings or do I have to get a certified mohel to do the blessings?

Would I have to have the medical procedure done and then another do a separate hatafat dam brit? Sounds painful to do it while I’m healing from the surgery.

Or could I ask the mohel to come for the surgical procedure and do the blessings while the urologist is operating?

I need two witnesses? So I can ask any Jewish friend to be the other witness?

OR should I just do the hatafat dam brit and finish the conversion, and then do the circumcision revision surgically later. The consultation with the urologist is in three weeks, so I’m still trying to figure it out. The Rabbi suggested I should just do them separately.

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