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Adopting a hebrew name.

I’ve befriended a few people who reclaimed their jewish heritage, they learned of their jewish heritage later in life (they were adopted or 2nd/3rd generation from an adopted parent). They had non-jewish names and were given a hebrew name upon conversion, or picked one I cant remember.

I’ve been digging into my ancestry and there’s a vsry strong chance my ancestors on my mothers side were jewish but I’m unsure of how long ago they assimilated into Christianity (I’m from the bible belt). My name is pretty Jewish already, although semi common in nonJews as well. My mothers maiden name is a Irish Anglicized version of a Jewish name as well. My Grandfather on my Mothers side also has a classic Hebrew name. I don’t neccessarily mind giving names but privacy concerns. My dad has pretty standard english name and surname but we’re all genetically irish/scottish/english/anglo with apparently a pinch of Maltese. So my question, if I wanted to properly convert to Judaism, would it be appropriate to change my surname to my mothers maiden, and just spell it the hebrew way?

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